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Pay Less Taxes Protect Your Assets and Live on the Beach with Jonathan Feniak

Limited Partners often invest on real estate assets registered under their own names. That only leaves them open for attacks coming from the inside or on the outside. A LP must be prepared for life’s uncertainties because they may never know what the future will bring. That is why an investor must be able to protect their assets and privacy at some point in time.

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In today’s podcast episode, we interview Jonathan Feniak, Chief Product Officer and General Counsel at Company Sage. Today’s topics are locked in on Jonathan’s life in Puerto Rico, tax benefits by building a business in Puerto Rico, and best practices for a Limited Partner in asset and privacy protection.

0:00 - Intro
1:50 - A Quick Quest Background: Who is Jonathan Feniak?
5:52 - Tax Benefits by Building a Business in Puerto Rico
10:39 - Living the Life in Puerto Rico - The Cost and Legality Requirements
15:05 - How Jonathan Feels About Living in Puerto Rico with his Family?
16:18 - The Best Practices for a Limited Partner in Asset and Privacy Protection
23:49 - Jonathan's Advice for Assets Bought Under the Personal Name
28:47 - Important Details About Close Limited Liability Companies
30:00 - Thanks For Listening to the Limited Partner Podcast!