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CRE: Tech Demand, a Quiet Backstory to Watch

In this video, I'm discussing the growing trend of commercial real estate, and why it's a key part of the CRE market. I'll also discuss a quiet backstory in the Commercial Real Estate market that is worth watching.

Commercial real estate is a key part of the CRE market, and there's good reason for that. Commercial real estate is a stable, long-term investment that can provide investors with impressive returns. In this video, I'll discuss the key factors behind the growth of commercial real estate, and how you can benefit from it!

You've likely seen the recent headlines about layoffs in the tech sector, which has not been seen since the dot com bubble in the early 2000s. Twitter has stopped paying rent on some of their leases; Amazon has paused and plausibly reconsidered some significant real estate development activity.

What's worth keeping an eye on is that this has a twofold impact on the market. One, tech has traditionally had some extremely high-paying positions, and layoffs will have a significant impact on specific locales. Before COVID, this would have been a Silicon Valley and West Coast issue, but post covid and southeastern migration of virtual workers in tech space, expect to see a more widespread impact. Two, tech has been gobbling up large swaths of Class A Space in metro's across the country, which has spurred a lot of new development. As you continue to look at markets to invest in, it's now very important to keep an eye on markets that have been driven by tech growth in recent years.

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