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Compounding Effects of the Recession to the Real Estate Markets with Jeremy Roll

Don't let inflation put your real estate investments in jeopardy—take time to evaluate every potential purchase and have a plan in place. In today’s episode, Jeremy Hall recently discussed the sobering reality of inflation potentially decreasing the NOI of investment properties, even if you buy it for a good multiple. Be aware of this 'compounded effect' and make sure to take preventative measures to minimize your risk. Protect yourself and your hard-earned money now! Tune in to the full podcast episode now!

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0:00 - Intro
02:10 - A Quick Guest Background:Who is Jeremy Roll?
03:30 - Jeremy's Take on the Uncertain Markets
07:25 - What is Quantitative Tightening and Easing?
10:52 - Opportunities or More Uncertainties?
15:53 - Jake's Market Insights in the Face of Uncertainty
17:00 - Compounding Effects of the Recession to the Real Estate Markets
20:34 - Investment Strategies to Employ in Uncertain Times
23:07 - Opportunities in Repurposing Asset Classes
24:59 - The Lending Piece: Obstacle of Redevelopment
27:30 - Real Estate: Automotive Industry - An Interesting Analogy
29:39 - Risk Potential, and Risk Premiums of Investments NOW
30:16 - Jeremy's Hot Tips for Aspiring LPs
31:31 - Thank You For Listening to The Limited Partner Podcast!