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Aug. 22, 2022

TLP30: Having the Abundance Mindset in Real Estate with Tyler Chesser

TLP30: Having the Abundance Mindset in Real Estate with Tyler Chesser
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The limited partnership is a world where everyone can win together. There is an abundance approach in the real estate business where investors can leverage each other’s resources to achieve more and scale faster. You don’t need millions of dollars in your bank account before becoming an investor. You can start now! All you need to do is to put the abundance mentality and mindset to work.

Today, we sat down with Tyler Chesser to discuss the right mindset as an investor. Tyler learned that being a limited partner lets him enjoy the benefits of economies of scale, which means that while his capital is being invested in larger deals by a competent and more experienced team, he can also generate other income streams. And he believes that anyone can do it too! Listen to our conversation now to learn more!


Key Points from This Episode:

  • What is the right mindset as an investor?
  • Have an outcome-focused thought process.
  • Leverage each other’s resources and do more as a result.
  • Have an abundance mentality.
  • Win at a greater degree together by playing each other’s roles.
  • Recognize the gift in every challenge.
  • Putting the abundance mindset to work means seeing the gift in the problem.
  • Create the lifestyle you want by utilizing real estate as a vehicle.
  • Limited partners must do their homework.
  • Not every location is a right fit.
  • Continue to learn.
  • Read the monthly reports.
  • Ask questions and learn more about how things would affect your future outcome.
  • Limited partners or investors must generally understand their investment’s underlying fundamentals.
  • There are a lot of moving parts in this global economy.
  • Limited partners must develop their investment thesis.
  • How to evaluate the deal.
  • How to evaluate the people you are investing with.
  • How to evaluate the marketplace.


“It (real estate) can allow us to generate and multiply not only our streams of income but our time and our lifestyle.”[00:02:33]

“If we’re not growing, we’re dying.”[00:03:12]

“As I continue to grow as an investor, there’s these economies of scale by doing larger deals, especially in the multifamily business.”[00:11:50]

“The limited partner world is an amazing world, because the abundance mindset is so apparent in this business.”[00:13:58]