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Aug. 8, 2022

TLP28: Benefits of Being a Limited Partner with John Casmon

TLP28: Benefits of Being a Limited Partner with John Casmon
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There are so many benefits of being a limited partner! One of them is time freedom. It means you can spend time with your family and pursue your true passion. Another benefit is it's easier to invest in bigger deals and scale fast. Also, LPs don’t have to take on all the risks of every new investment or property. 

In this episode, Jake and John discuss what it means to be a limited partner. John’s background is in corporate America. He used to be a busy professional who believed in real estate. He tried to flip properties while working a full-time job and raising a family. Trying to stay on top of it all was a nightmare for him. Then, he discovered that he could be a passive, hands-off investor and get similar returns. Now, he’s enjoying all the benefits of being a limited partner. Listen to John share his experiences and advice for all who want to invest in real estate!


Key Points from This Episode:

  • How the bookRich Dad, Poor Dadby Robert Kiyosaki sparked an interest in John to invest in real estate.
  • What are the benefits of being a limited partner?
  • LPs lean on the experience of a more experienced operator and do not have to take all the risks by themselves.
  • LPs must understand that operators have different strategies.
  • Important things to consider as LPs: goals, operator strategy, risk tolerance, and life stage.
  • The key is understanding who you’re dealing with and the expectation.
  • LPs must do what they feel comfortable doing.
  • The chances of LPs reinvesting lie in relationships and experience.
  • John shares what they are doing to prepare their team and investors for what lies ahead in the real estate market.


“You have to believe in real estate first.”[00:07:01]

“This notion of passive income, of making money while you sleep… I think that really resonates with people.”[00:08:19]

“Equity is great. But when you are an investor, that’s about your money working, not you.”[00:16:15]

“If you are doing work, then that’s sweat equity.”[00:16:21]


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About John Casmon

John Casmon is a multifamily real estate entrepreneur and marketing maven with extensive experience collaborating with others to deliver profitable results. John co-created the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit and partnered with investors on over 900 units in multifamily valued at nearly $90 million. He hosts the popular and growing real estate podcast,Target Market Insights, and hosts theChicago Multifamily Club.