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July 24, 2022

TLP26: The Benefits of Having an Investor Portal with Brandon Sedloff

TLP26: The Benefits of Having an Investor Portal with Brandon Sedloff
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What system is the GP using? That's one of the most important questions you must ask as a limited partner. There are many available investor portals now, and there is just no excuse for syndicators or general partners not to provide regular, timely, accurate, and transparent reporting to their investors or LPs. An investor portal will help you do that and scale your business efficiently.

Today's episode highlights the benefits of using an investor portal like Juniper Square. Our guest, Brandon Sedloff, will discuss how they provide the interface that a limited partner needs for transparency, leading to outsized investment returns. Listen now to learn more about the benefits of automation and streamlining processes in the real estate industry. 

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Brandon started as a developer doing adaptive reuse and urban infill projects.
  • He spent eight years building relationships on the capital side in North America and the Asia Pacific.
  • Brandon details how he joined Juniper Square and the services they offer.
  • The real estate industry has to evolve and leave analog ways behind to have more effective and trustworthy partnerships between GPs and LPs.
  • What are the limitations of using spreadsheets as a system of record?
  • The ability to get accurate reporting is compromised if the GP or sponsor is using different spreadsheets or tabs within the spreadsheet for different investments. 
  • When should a syndicator or a GP start engaging a service provider like Juniper Square?
  • With the help of digital platforms and technology, GPs with no accounting background or skill set in reporting no longer have to waste time trying to become experts in these areas. 
  • Make sure that you are putting the suitable systems and tools in place early enough so that when the time comes that your business is truly humming, you'll be in a good position.
  • Automation results in greater efficiency and more robust partnerships between LPs and GPs.
  • Automation means less time for general partners to find limited partners, thus reducing search costs.
  • Automation reduces the burden of meeting to staff up as your business scales.
  • Automation enables you to keep a small team.
  • Automation allows you to provide more transparency into how your investments are performing.
  • Automation helps you become more committed to regular and timely reporting. 



"We believe that transparency leads to outsized investment returns as well."[00:05:41]

"And one of the big takeaways is that the vast majority, not surprisingly, of LPs are more likely to reinvest with a manager when their information is provided to them in a timely manner."[00:07:56]

"You don't want to be in a place as a general partner, where your business is limited by your ability to find great people and not limited by your ability to access capital or put that capital to work by finding great off-market deals."[00:16:12]


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About Brandon Sedloff

Brandon has two decades of real estate and relationship management experience with a focus on scaling teams and businesses focused on the intersection of technology, real estate and investing. Currently, Brandon leads Institutional Reporting for Juniper Square. Institutional Reporting by Juniper Square is a leading solution focused on streamlining the institutional reporting process for institutional GPs and LPs. Brandon joined Juniper Square in 2016 as the Founding SVP of Sales, where he was responsible for leading the revenue teams. He scaled the sales org from 1 to a team of nearly 100 colleagues across sales, business development, solutions engineering, revenue operations and enablement. 

Juniper Square is transforming the private funds' industry with easy-to-use software and solutions that streamline fundraising, investment operations and investor reporting. Juniper Square is trusted by over 1,000 GPs who use Juniper Square to manage over $1.5T of real estate. 

Before Juniper Square, Brandon was Global Head of Corporate Development at the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a global real estate research and education institute. At ULI, Brandon was the founder of ULI's real estate + technology initiative bringing together real estate owners, operators, REITs, and investors with technology companies working to evolve the real estate industry.

Early in his career, Brandon spent nearly seven years in Hong Kong. He was Head of Asia Pacific Real Estate for GLG (formerly Gerson Lehrman Group) and later Managing Director, Asia Pacific at the Urban Land Institute. In both roles, Brandon was the executive in charge of helping to scale new initiatives for existing organizations.

Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, loves to paddle surf skis and sprint kayaks (K-1s), and has a new appreciation for downwind paddling, having completed a race in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon recently.