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July 17, 2022

TLP25: How to Scale Fast with Logan Freeman

TLP25: How to Scale Fast with Logan Freeman
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When Covid happened, many people sat on the sidelines waiting to see what would happen. But our guest, Logan Freeman, was advised by his mentors that it was an excellent time to buy. He gathered funds from limited partners, assembled a team, and bought over 1000 units. Now, they have scaled to about 1300 units on the multifamily side across four states. They have also entered different asset classes, owning hospitality buildings, offices, shopping centers, and mobile home space. How did he scale so fast?


Yes, limited partners invest in real estate, but first and foremost, they invest in the people running it. Logan shares that finding people with complementary skill sets allowed them to scale quickly. He believes that humility will create the most opportunities for anyone. Logan also talks about different asset classes and the different returns or opportunities they give. To scale fast, investors must understand the difference between core, core plus, value add, and opportunistic assets. Listen to this episode as Logan discusses these things in detail!