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June 26, 2022

TLP22: The Smart Way to Passive Investing with Lane Kawaoka

TLP22: The Smart Way to Passive Investing with Lane Kawaoka
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There is a lot of noise in the investment space. So, if you're just getting into the game, you must be smart. Keep your first couple of deals simple. You don't need an overly complex tax strategy. You don't need to be looking at three different layers of how you move your money through a deal.

In this episode, Lane Kawaoka,co-Owner of MFPE Investments LLC, will share tips on how to invest smart, avoid the shysters, build organic relationships with accredited high-net-worth investors, and value-add in more endgame types of investment strategies. Listen now!


Key Points from This Episode:

  • Lane bought his first rental in 2009 and tasted cash flow.
  • In 2015, he had 11 turnkey rentals.
  • He saved money, got up to accredited investor status, and started meeting high-net-worth individuals.
  • Lane realized that the key to success in real estate is to become a passive investor in large deals.
  • How did Lane tip into scalability?
  • Lane mentions several strategies that the wealthy implement for financial stability and freedom.
  • Lane's advice to those who are looking to jump into real estate.
  • Why would you want to be a general partner, take all the responsibility, and trade time for money when you could be a passive investor where your money makes more money than you?
  • What are some of the mistakes people make when investing passively?
  • You'll get higher returns if you get off the beaten path.
  • Lane's tip is to get away from the real estate fluffy world – the meetups or free online forms where the freeloaders or the guys who hear that real estate is a get-rich-quick scheme are.
  • Lane discusses infinite banking using whole life insurance.
  • Gains made from whole life insurance are tax-free. That's why it is used as a foundation for infinite banking.
  • Invest with more institutional operators because they are more stable.


"It's pretty easy to figure out who's legit in this passive investing world."[00:07:52]

"The issue is investing or stepping on a landmine –  investing with the wrong people that just don't have the track record, experience, and know-how or they're dishonest people."[00:09:48]

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About Lane Kawaoka

"We help the hard-working middle-class build real asset portfolios by providing free investing education, podcasts, and networking plus access to investment opportunities not offered to the general public.

Co-Owner of MFPE Investments LLC., owning 1500+ single-family, multi-family, and RV park units."