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May 22, 2022

TLP17: Be the Extraordinary Passive Investor You Can Be with Trevor McGregor

TLP17: Be the Extraordinary Passive Investor You Can Be with Trevor McGregor
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Episode 17: Show Notes.

Trevor is a high-performance coach and business strategist. He also owns a private real estate investment company consisting of many different asset classes worldwide. But before achieving success, Trevor went through a period of defeat when his investment didn’t work, and he lost everything. 

Gratefully, he met his coach, who introduced him to real estate investing. In a short period of time, he was able to pay back his loans and create a cash-flowing portfolio. Click the play button now and listen to Trevor’s inspiring story and valuable advice for passive investors who want to move up from ordinary to extraordinary!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Trevor didn’t have a great start in real estate. He invested all of his money in a deal, but it didn’t work, so he lost everything.
  • He hired a coach who advised him to invest in residential real estate to start all over.
  • He successfully invested in condos, duplexes, fourplexes, and single-family homes.
  • Within just two and a half years, he was able to pay back all of his loans, he had a beautiful cash-flowing portfolio, and he started coaching others.
  • He got to work as a coach for Tony Robbins for more than five years.
  • In 2017, he left to start his coaching program, Trevor McGregor International and Trevor McGregor Coaching.
  • It didn’t take Trevor 10 years to learn that real estate was a great vehicle for wealth. Hiring a coach helped him turn “decades into days.”
  • Now, he has investments all over the U.S. as a limited partner.
  • What is Trevor’s advice to people stuck in their W-2 jobs but want financial and time freedom?
  • One of the most underrated investment opportunities is to be a limited partner. 
  • Trevor talks about how to start the process of finding your best self and moving up the ladder from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Trevor suggests taking a personal inventory of your six human needs.
  • Trevor goes into the importance of diversification in our fast-paced technological world.


“For anybody that’s, you know, in a tough place, so they don’t know how it’s gonna work out, really, it’s not about how it’s about who. You gotta go out there and find the right people.”[00:06:33]

“At the end of the day, if people aren’t working with a coach, or a teacher, or a mentor, or a trainer, or an accountability partner, why? Why aren’t you? Because again, this is something that we talk about that can really optimize and maximize not only the money that you can make in real estate but our greatest commodity which is time. We can always make more money but we cannot get time back. Once it goes, it’s gone forever.”[00:08:33]

“Can you imagine what happens to your income and your impact when you keep learning and you keep growing and you keep investing in yourself?”[00:09:34]

“Investing passively in real estate has always been and will always be an outstanding opportunity to create that secondary source of income.”[00:12:42]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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About Trevor McGregor

Trevor is a Master Platinum Coach with over 20,000 hours of coaching experience. He’s worked with clients from around the world, including Fortune 500 executives, high-level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and professionals. They all seek him for one reason:   Life-Changing transformation. 

Before launching his own coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Coach with the Anthony Robbins Group, offering elite coaching unlike any other program in the world.

Trevor is also an active Real Estate Investor holding assets in his portfolio from single-family homes in Vancouver, to Multi-family apartment buildings in Texas, to Self-storage units in Key West Florida, in fact, he also co-owns a Luxury Resort Center in Costa Rica and is also involved in land development down there.

His mission is to assist others in realizing their true power and hidden potential to achieve more success, wealth, freedom, and contribution than they ever thought possible.