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April 17, 2022

TLP12: Green and Sustainable Property Management with Dave Holman

TLP12: Green and Sustainable Property Management with Dave Holman
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Episode 12: Show Notes.

Our guest today is Dave Holman of Katahdin Property Management. Before getting into real estate, Dave took up architecture classes in college, lived a few years in Bolivia, and set up a chain of camping stores named The Spitting Llama. In 2009, he returned to Maine, got his MBA and met Brian Sprague. Together, they formed Katahdin Property Management.

Now, they have six employees and manage over 130 units. Dave has now been a GP on five syndication projects. He focuses on value add and historic renovation style buildings, but he is currently working on his first construction project in Maine. In this episode, Dave will speak on green and sustainable property management and how it can drive huge profits for your investment. 

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Dave's background before putting up a property management business.
  • Dave's beginnings in real estate investing.
  • Dave's MBA skills have helped him greatly in what he's doing now.
  • The principles of green design and building in real estate projects and how it increases income.
  • The correlation between ESG and operating expenses.
  • The critical role of property management in the success of your investment.
  • Property management is a primary risk control method.
  • How to find the right property manager.
  • Dave gives a shout-out to the person that has helped him achieve success.



"About 40% of global emissions are real estate based, either from the operation of real estate or the construction of real estate. So, we are the problem and we need to be the solution."[06:16]

"But ultimately, you know, operating costs are not a sexy part of the business, but they're critical. It blends perfectly with ESG because we're all just looking at efficiency and efficiency is what is going to drive profits."[00:09:55]

"And I think working them (solar and wind technologies) into buildings is great whenever you can because you're going to control your costs. And that will make for, you know, more profit down the road, but you're also doing the right thing, environmentally."[00:13:07]

Links Mentioned in Today's Episode:

Dave Holman on LinkedIn

Katahdin PropertyManagement website

The Spitting Llama website

About Dave Holman

Dave Holman grew up in Maine and attended Carleton College in Minnesota where he studied Environmental Technology. He spent the next 4 years in Bolivia co-founding a chain of camping stores called The Spitting Llama before earning his MBA at the University of Maine. He then directed bilingual communications and marketing for Safe Passage which runs schools for children living in the Guatemala City garbage dump. From 2014 to 2019 he was a fundraiser for Bowdoin College while he built up a real estate portfolio that surpassed 50 units. In 2019, Dave made the switch to real estate full time and joined Remax as a commercial broker. He co-founded Katahdin Property Management in 2019 and co-owns 94 residential and commercial units in Midcoast Maine. He has completed three syndications and has $12M in assets under management. Dave loves running, Nordic skiing and has written three books: Youth Renewing the Countryside, Coffee Smuggler, and Cyber Fire.