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March 8, 2022

TLP04: Answering Questions about Passive Investing with Ash Patel

TLP04: Answering Questions about Passive Investing with Ash Patel
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TLP04: Answering Questions about Passive Investing with Ash Patel

Episode 04: Show Notes.

Ash Patel is a full-time Commercial Real Estate and Business investor, Angel Investor, and Mentor. Ash worked as an IT manager and had different businesses over the years before he got hit with the real estate bug. In this episode, Ash will speak about various aspects in active and passive investing. 

We cannot underestimate the importance of communication between limited partners, general partners, investors, or syndicators. According to Ash, a lot of deals fall apart or turn really bad because of poor communication. Listen now to learn how to overcome the barriers to effective communication and develop a good relationship with your GP or LP. 

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Ash Patel worked as an IT manager and had different businesses. But when he found commercial real estate, he fell in love with it.
  • What does Ash love about commercial real estate? 
  • Ash started investing in 2010, which was an easy time to invest and make money.
  • After being active for five years, Ash transitioned to investing as a limited partner. 
  • What is the upside of being active, and what are the potentials of being passive?
  • Ash shares the story of his very first LP investment.
  • Communication between the investor and the operator or syndicator is essential. A lot of deals fall apart because of poor communication or lack of it.
  • GP’s must constantly improve the way they communicate with their LP’s.
  • What are some of the most effective ways to communicate and practice transparency to your LP’s and GP’s?
  • Jake shares the whole purpose of The Limited Partner Podcast to the limited partners community.



"I've seen a lot of other deals fall apart, not just real estate deals, a lot of business deals turned really bad because of lack of communication or poor communication. "[00:10:14]

"A lot of these multifamily guys, I've tried for years to get them to look at office, industrial, retail, medical, and it seems like there's a mental barrier. But there's huge opportunities especially now in other asset classes compared to multifamily..."[00:18:54]

"Well, I mean, I think part of it is, the whole purpose of The Limited Partner Podcast is the podcast itself is just the tip of the iceberg for a community. And the community like we were intending, that I'm building here is where can you go to learn about this? Right? Because there aren't, there's like the International Limited Partners Association, which is for institutional investors, that's not for your everyday guy. Then there's, you know, passive investing-like sites, there's other folks that just focus on real estate. This community is about limited partners and what it means.[00:24:14]

Links Mentioned in Today's Episode:

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About Ash Patel

Ash left a 15-year I.T. career to become a Commercial Real Estate Investor, Angel Investor, and accidental Mentor. After stumbling his way through the mistakes of RE investing, he began to mentor others hoping to help them avoid similar mistakes. He has personally transacted over $30m in deals and has acquired multifamily, warehouse, industrial, office, medical centers, syndications, restaurants, NNN, mobile home parks, and shopping centers. He is currently in the process of acquiring more RE and opening two restaurants and an event center.