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March 8, 2022

TLP03: Investing and Market Trends in Real Estate with Deidre Wollard

TLP03: Investing and Market Trends in Real Estate with Deidre Wollard
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TLP03: Investing and Market Trends in Real Estate with Deidre Wollard

Episode 03: Show Notes.

In this episode, we'll feature Deidre Wollard. She'll share her interesting background in real estate and the exciting trends in the industry these days. Deidre has a passion for real estate writing, and her mission is to share the wisdom and understanding of real estate's core function in society with other people. 

If you want to be updated on the latest trends in the real estate industry, especially in industrial, multifamily, office, and residential markets, then listen now and enjoy the show!

Key Points from This Episode:

  •  Deidre shares her background story on how she got into writing about real estate.
  •  She talks about some interesting trends that are happening in real estate right now, particularly metaverse or virtual real estate, industrial, and multifamily space.
  •  What is Amazon doing to adjust to the impact of Covid in this industry?
  •  What are the different trends happening in manufacturing?
  •  What's happening in the metaverse platform called Decentraland? How does it work?
  •  What should we be expecting in the residential space?
  •  Deidre discusses the changes that are happening in multifamily due to the pandemic.
  •  What is the trend in terms of affordable housing? 
  •  Curiosity and asking a lot of questions to the operator is part of the vetting process.


"The way a store functions is fundamentally different now." [00:09:06]

"One of the things that makes Bitcoin interesting is there is that idea of scarcity, there is a finite amount. And the same thing is true with virtual real estate, but then certain metaverses." [00:13:40]

"Curiosity is a superpower in investing." [00:24:34]

Links Mentioned in Today's Episode:

Deidre Woollard on LinkedIn

Snow Crash: A Novel by Neil Stephenson

AboutDeidre Woollard

My passion for real estate writing started when I created the first estate of the Day column online but my interest in the business began long before that. Real estate investing is a family tradition and I hail from a long line of landlords, renovators, and contractors currently invested from Massachusetts to California. Through my work at Move Inc. and at some of the best real estate brokerages in Los Angeles, I've gained wisdom and understanding for real estate's core function in society. My mission is to share what I have learned with other people and continue to dive deeper into real estate crowdfunding which I believe is poised for a massive upswing.