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April 24, 2023

TLP 65: Unlocking Success with Raising Private Money with Jay Conner

TLP 65: Unlocking Success with Raising Private Money with Jay Conner
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In this podcast episode, we interview Jay Conner, President of The Private Money Authority. He shared some valuable tips for private lenders and real estate investors:

  • Always have a conservative loan-to-value ratio. This means not borrowing more than 75% of the after-repaired value on a single-family house. For example, if the after-repaired value is $200,000, don't borrow more than $150,000. This protects private lenders and investors by providing a $50,000 cushion between the property value and the borrowed amount.
  • When doing one-off deals (as opposed to syndications), always give private lenders a deed of trust or mortgage to protect their investment. Also, name them as the mortgagee on the insurance policy and as an additional insured on the title policy.
  • Look for conservative operators who rely on math, not emotions, to make decisions. They should know the maximum amount they should pay for a property and have experience in the field.

These tips can help private lenders and real estate investors mitigate risks and protect their investments.

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