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March 20, 2023

TLP 60: Opportunities in the Cyclical Markets with Logan Freeman

TLP 60: Opportunities in the Cyclical Markets with Logan Freeman
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In this episode of The Limited Partner Podcast, Logan Freeman shares his market insights on how the changing world order could affect the real estate industry, emphasizing the need for long-term thinking, intrinsic value, and diversification of income streams in investment. He also suggests that investors create a blended return profile with different risk profiles for a value-add strategy, given the challenges of underwriting deals in the current market environment.

Logan believes that technology will play a significant role in the real estate industry over the next decade. He advises investors to focus on location and basis and to be cautious of deals that require bridge debt to make returns look good for limited partners. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of understanding that profits are made on the margins, the industry is hyper-local, and to leverage the experiences of other successful investors.


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