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Feb. 27, 2023

TLP 57: Investing in the Right Sponsor and Markets with Caleb Johnson

TLP 57: Investing in the Right Sponsor and Markets with Caleb Johnson

In this podcast episode with Caleb Johnson, the focus is on how to find the right sponsor for your real estate investments. He shares his thoughts on what to look out for when vetting a sponsor, including red flags. Caleb advises investors to be patient in searching for the right operator, offering, and market. He also highlights the importance of doing due diligence on the operator, market, and offering, especially on the numbers and financials that the operator is projecting. Caleb advises that underwriting vacancies should be conservative, and rent projections should be realistic.


The conversation also touches on two key aspects of real estate deals, namely, refinance and rent growth. Caleb and Jake discuss how to assess the feasibility of projected refinances and rent growth, respectively. They agree that there's a need to look out for red flags and do some independent analysis on deals. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to invest in real estate, especially passive investors who want to find the right sponsor.

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