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Nov. 14, 2022

The Word of The Year for Me is Scaling with Stefanny Boldrini

The Word of The Year for Me is Scaling with Stefanny Boldrini

In today’s podcast episode, we interview Steffany Boldrini, Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, LLC. Her company’s goal is to help aspiring limited partners understand what asset classes might make the most sense at different stages in the economy and assist them with their first real estate investment or portfolio. Today’s topics are focused on Steff’s word of the year which is scaling, leverage and tax benefits of real estate investing, Steff’s wins in her real estate journey, and her tips for aspiring real estate investors as they find viable deals in the markets.

What Made Steff Decide to Invest in Self Storage?

Steffany has two (2) compelling reasons on why she invested in self storage asset class for her real estate investment portfolio.

  1. Steff wants no involvement with the tenant’s issues at all. Therefore she has zero operational accountability in managing her self-storage units.
  2. Self storage not only does well in good times but also in bad times. Therefore self storages are recession proof real estate assets.

Leverage and Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments have some benefits over other assets. One is leverage wherein you can invest with small capital but acquire assets over five times the value of your investment. This can be done through borrowing money from a lender with an agreed interest rate to be paid back by the investor in the long term. Second is tax benefits through property depreciation by cost segregation studies. With that said, you are going to pay less taxes or no taxes at all, making you gain full control of the cash produced by the property and reinvest it.

Steff's Word of the Year: Scaling

Steffany is looking forward to this year of 2022 for new partnerships in the self storage world. That way she is optimistic that they can grow exponentially that way. She further discussed that she will probably do fundraising with the so-called experts on finding properties and operating them. 

Steff's Tips for Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Listed below are Steff’s pieces of advice for aspiring real estate investors: 

  • Don’t invest in car washes - Steff does not want to deal with things that break all the time, people trying to break inside the car wash to steal some change, and employees that quit without giving notice or don’t show up at work.


  • Work with other lenders - In case of other lenders canceling on their end of the deal, you get to have other lenders who are willing to work with you. 
  • You can always negotiate - As aspiring limited partners, you must learn how to come to the negotiation table as things could be done smoothly with mutual agreements between two parties.
  • Due Diligence - Meeting people, asking for recommendations of good operators, doing some research. These operators should have a good track record and should be good communicators as well.
  • Choose the Right State - Steff discussed in the podcast that you have to choose the right state that is growing and business friendly. A state that understands that being an entrepreneur is not easy. States that are always there to support you.

Who is Stefanny Boldrini?

Steffany was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil  called Monte Carlo Ranch. Her mother raised her and her two sisters with incredible strength and many sacrifices; the name Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments is in her honor. At the age of 15, Steffany and her sisters had an opportunity to live in Switzerland for a year – it was the first time that they had seen snow! This was also the first time that Steffany experienced “the world” and the possibilities that lie within a well-developed country.

Through her exposure to multiple real estate asset classes via her mentor, and due to the volatility and “bubble-like” state which many real estate investors have noticed in a number of major markets, Steffany began to explore other asset classes in which she could invest. Steffany first heard about the self-storage asset class while listening to a podcast,  and decided to take a closer look. During her initial investigation, Steffany found that this asset class suited her desire for long-term passive income without high levels of maintenance or management, allowing her to gain both freedom of time and freedom of money in the future. Even more importantly, self-storage could also provide an asset class which is, for all intents and purposes, “recession-resistant”.

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