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Nov. 7, 2022

The System is Setup For us to Die Broke with Holly Williams

The System is Setup For us to Die Broke with Holly Williams

In today’s podcast episode, we interview Holly Williams, Founder at and Author of the book, Hidden Investing: What the Wealthiest 1% Know that We Don't. Today’s topics are focused on the system that is setup for us to die broke, which includes the horrible truth of the investment industry, Holly’s experience as a Limited Partner, tips for aspiring Limited Partners, and tapping into the knowledge of hidden investing as investors look for the best way to grow their money in the real estate markets.

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Holly's Experience as a Limited Partner

Most of Holly’s assets are in multifamily syndications. According to her, the advantage of being a Limited Partner is that there is zero operational liability, getting passive income without drawing down on the principal. With that being said, Holly further stated that there is nothing that’s guaranteed in this world and there is nothing safe, but most of her assets are with multifamily syndications, and so far, it has been a great experience as she can now live off of her investments. 

Holly's Tips for Aspiring Limited Partners

Below are Holly’s Tips for aspiring Limited Partners:


  • Be clear on your investment goals, especially on desired hold time. Investing for appreciation is different from investing for the purpose of cash flow.
  • For Holly, capital preservation comes first, the cash flow is second, and forced appreciation is the last priority. Make sure you know what your priorities are. 
  • Helping to drive improvements in the neighborhoods and communities where your tenants live will ultimately create more room for value-add.People say that investing is passive but you have to put in the time somewhere. You have to do your diligence to invest passively.


The Horrible Truth of the Investment Industry

The investment industry is not stacked in your favor as Holly has personally experienced. Financial advisors are only there to make recommendations based on the person’s age and not taking into account their risk profiles which caused the value of her daughter’s plan to decrease by 20%. Additionally, advisors are still getting paid even if their client is losing money. According to Holly, most aren’t paying attention and it's essentially a racket.

Tapping into the Knowledge of Hidden Investing

The Uber wealthy people leverage their money in real estate through multifamily syndications, oil and gas which normal people like us do not know. These are knowledge that are hiding in plain sight. That is why knowledge is power and modeling how the rich invest their money pays the best interest for common people like us. The system is set up for us to die broke but it is really up to us to take charge of our financial destiny.

Who is Holly Williams?

Holly Williams spent 25 years as an executive in the advertising and market research industries. As the years went on, she found herself paying more of her salary in taxes and getting less and less in return. In her search for a better way, she discovered that the wealthiest people in America have access to investment opportunities that most of us don’t even know exist. Hidden Investing debunks the myths that most of us are programmed to believe about money and investing.

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