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Nov. 28, 2022

Keeping Passive Investments Passive with Litan Yahav

Keeping Passive Investments Passive with Litan Yahav

In today’s podcast episode we interview Litan Yahav, Co-Founder at Vyzer built a solution to replace spreadsheets with automations. Along the way, Vyzer has found many others experiencing similar difficulties. Today, their team has a deep passion for simplifying complex finances, building endless automations, adding valuable insights, and empowering investors to manage and control their wealth.

Today’s topics are focused on how Vyzer helps limited partners manage their investments, common mistakes that limited partners should look out for, and the networking advantages of investing with Vyzer as LPs look for viable deals in the real estate markets.

How Vyzer Helps Limited Partners Manage Their Investments

Litan explained that monitoring multiple Limited Partnership investments (around 5 - 15 different operators) is possible with spreadsheets but will eat up much of an investor’s time. Also, it creates confusion for the Limited Partner as to where the fund came from. That is why he and his team developed a software automation capable of accounting each and every single transaction with regards to a LP’s deals. 

Common Mistakes that Limited Partners Should Look Out For

Here are some mistakes that Limited Partners do when it comes to their investments. 

  1. Asking operators what happens during a refinancing. (Due diligence must done first)
  2. Working with inexperienced operators and syndicators
  3. Working with operators with large overhead. (Nice offices, large employee size)
  4. Investing in single doors and not diversifying over hundreds of doors.

Monitoring Multiple Investments - Challenges and Difficulties

Tracking and managing multiple investments can be challenging for limited partners. Determining each and every transaction and where they came from is totally a pain and requires a lot of time. Money being brought back due to refinancing will cause limited partners to find another asset to invest since that money is not working for them anymore. That is why an automated itemized transaction tracker from Vyzer will solve this problem.

The Networking Advantages That Vyzer Provides for LPs

Vyzer is not just an automated platform. It also lets limited partners get access to information that people can share with each other. Vyzer can display the number of people who have invested in that fund and create a dynamic wherein people could interact with each other about that fund without any conflict of interest.

Who is Litan Yahav?

Litan Yahav is a former officer in the Israeli Navy and the CEO of Vyzer, a solution for investors with multiple streams of income who find themselves spending too much time managing, tracking, and monitoring their portfolios. Yahav and his business partner, Vyzer COO Tomer Salvi were previously co-founders of Segoma, a revolutionary diamond display technology, established and successfully sold.