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Sept. 5, 2022

TLP32: Finding Opportunities in the Hottest Markets with Niches with David Childers

TLP32: Finding Opportunities in the Hottest Markets with Niches with David Childers
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The Real Estate markets are filled with different types of buildings available for investment. But the question is, which of them is the best instrument to put your money on? Another dilemma of real estate investors is to become either a passive investor as a Limited Partner or become an active investor selling properties here and there. These are some of the questions that aspiring Limited Partners should be able to answer after listening to the podcast episode.

In this episode, we interview David Childers, CEO of Residential Investment Advisors and Pine Park Residential LLC. Today’s topics are focused on finding opportunities in the hottest markets with niches, David’s rules of thumb in finding deals in the market, biggest mistakes that most people commit in real estate investing, and the opportunities of being an active and passive real estate investor. 


1.) There's opportunity everywhere and just knowing where you are in the market is probably the most important thing.
2.) You got to build these relationships with brokers and it takes time, takes a lot of energy but it also takes honesty.
3.) Real estate is nothing truly passive. You have to start building rapport and the relationship with the property management company.
4.) I do sales through education, So I love to educate these people; the clients on the business.

Topics Inside: 

  • A Quick Guest Background: Who is David Childers?  
  •  David's Niche in Finding Multifamily Property Deals - Small Multifamily Markets
  • What it Means to Become an Active Investor in the Real Estate Markets
  • David’s Rules of Thumb in Finding Deals in the Market
  •  How to Become Competitive Playing Against Big Players in the Small Multifamily Markets?
  •  Biggest Mistakes that Most People Commit in Real Estate Investing
  • The True Value of Being an Active Real Estate Investor vs. Being a Limited Partner
  • The Opportunities in Being Active and Passive Real Estate Investor